Studies in Documentary Film, Volume 7 Issue 1

Original title: Studies in Documentary Film, Volume 7 Issue 1
Language: English
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: New York ; London : Routledge
Number of pages: 102
ISBN: 17503280
CDF cataloguing: P Periodicals
Call number: P/1152/STU
Subject headings: home movies; dokumentární film; Wiseman, Frederick; De Seta, Vittorio

Original Articles:
A common European home? Filming the urban Thirdspace in Marc Isaacs's Lift (2001)
Laura Rascaroli

Home movies as personal archives in autobiographical documentaries
Efrén Cuevas

Silence in Frederick Wiseman's documentaries
Michael T. Smith

Conceptualizing documentary performance
Elizabeth Marquis

Vittorio De Seta's Banditi a Orgosolo: An ethnographic film
Silvio Carta

Orchids, intersex and the auto/biographical project
Phoebe Hart

Trent Griffiths (PhD candidate), Agnieszka Piotrowska & Sonia Tascón

Studies in Documentary Film is the first refereed scholarly journal devoted to the history, theory, criticism and practice of documentary film. In recent years we have witnessed an increased visibility for documentary film through conferences, the success of general theatrical release of documentary films and the re-emergence of scholarship in documentary film studies. This journal will provide a home for the considered approach to international documentary film history, theory, criticism and practice serving a vibrant and growing international community of documentary film scholars. Studies in Documentary Film is committed to serving this community through the publication of articles from interdisciplinary, international and cross-cultural perspectives. It invites articles, interviews, reviews and reports covering a range of topics and styles pertinent to documentary film. The journal has engaged a high profile international Editorial Board to oversee contributions and journal directions. The journal invites contributions, in English, from researchers throughout the world seeking to broaden the field of documentary film scholarship.


Studies in Documentary Film, Volume 7 Issue 1

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