Inforg Studio (catalogues)

Original title: Inforg Studio 2005
Language: English, hungarian
Year of publication: 2005
Publisher: Inforg Studio
CDF cataloguing: K Catalogues
Call number: K/1054/HUN/2005
Subject headings: Hungarian cinema; katalog

Inforg-M&M Film’s fields of activity are film production (including features, short films, documentaries and animation).
Inforg Studio was founded in 1999 by producer Andras Muhi. During the past ten years the company produced 17 feature films, 80 shorts and 70 documentaries, most of them won prizes at national and international festivals.
M&M Film was founded by the producer Mónika Mécs, who co-produced many feature films - most of Benedek Fliegauf’s - and several shorts. Mónika and András has been working together on many projects for more than 5 years and in 2010 they’ve finally founded their common company: Inforg – M&M Film Ltd         (zdroj:


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  •  Inforg Studio 2005

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  • Inforg Studio 2006

Inforg Studio (catalogues)

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