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From June 13, 2018 until June 2019 the Jihlava-based Center for Documentary Film brings over twenty remarkable Czech documentaries to readers registered with the Jihlava City Library, Vysočina Region Library in Havlíčkův Brod and Třebíč City Library to watch for free. The offer is available thanks to the international project of the AVA Library interconnecting film festivals and libraries. Each library is equipped with one video-station with a headset using which visitors can watch the selected films any time during the opening hours of the library.

Červená (dir. Olga Sommerová, CZ, Slovakia, 2017, 80 min.)
Citizen Havel (dir. Pavel Koutecký, Miroslav Janek, CZ, 2007, 146 min.)
Czech dream (dir. Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda, CZ, 2004, 87 min.)
Doomed Beauty (dir. Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna, CZ, 2016, 90 min.)
Everyday I Step In Front of Your Face (dir. Drahomíra Vihanová, CSR, 1992, 28 min.)
Fragments of  P. K. (dir. Jana Počtová, CZ, 2013, 52 min.)
Hledači pevného bodu (dir. Pavel Koutecký, CZ, 2001, 115 min.)
Looking for Ester (dir. Věra Chytilová, CZ, 2005, 119 min.)
Marriage Story (dir. Helena Třeštíková, CZ, 2017, 103 min.)
My Name Is Hungry Buffalo (dir. Pavel Jurda, CZ, 2016, 88 min.)
My Name Is Hungry Buffalo with audio description
Normal Autistic Film (dir. Miroslav Janek, CZ, 2016, 88 min.)
Obscurantist and His Lineage or The Pyramids' Tearful Valleys (dir. Karel Vachek, CZ, 2011, 201 min.)
Olga (Miroslav Janek, CZ, 2014, 88 min.)
Respice finem (dir. Jan Špáta, CSR, 1967, 15 min.)
St. Patrick's Land (dir. Jan Špáta, CSR, 1967, 29 min.)
Sweat and Tears - The Making of The Prague Spring. Opus No.2 (dir. Pavel Koutecký, CZ, 2006, 59 min.)
The Magic Voice of a Rebel (dir. Olga Sommerová, CZ, 2014, 85 min.)
The Greatest Wish I. (dir. Jan Špáta, CSR, 1964, 30 min.)
The Greatest Wish II. (dir. Jan Špáta,CSR, 1990, 85 min.)
Věra 68 (dir. Olga Sommerová, CZ, 2011, 90 min.)


As a foretaste of the programme section Foreigner Looking for an Apartment at the 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF, you will have the exclusive chance to watch reportages by German, Austrian and Swiss TV stations dealing with the situation of Czechoslovak citizens who stayed in these three countries following the soviet-led invasion of 1968.

Foreigner Looking for an Apartment in Germany:
Naturalization (Germany, 1986, German, 8 min.)
- The Right of Asylum in Bavaria (Germany, 1979, German, 4 min.)
- Kids on Their Way Abroad (Germany, 1976, German, 2 min.)
- Two Years Later – Czechoslovaks in Exile (Germany, 1970, German, 41 min.)
- The East and the West – Exodus (Germany, 1970, German, 5 min.)
- The Eppstein School Shooting (Germany, 1970, German, 5 min.)

Foreigner Looking for an Apartment in Austria:
- Everybody Helps the Stranded Holidaymakers (Austria, 1968, German, 2 min.)
- Austrian Refugee Camp Traiskirchen (Switzerland, 1969, German, 4 min.)
- Czechoslovak Refugees Fly to the USA (Austria, 1968, German, 1 min.)
- World Mirror – The Situation of Czechoslovak Intellectuals in Vienna (Germany, 1968, German, 5 min.)

Foreigner Looking for an Apartment in Switzerland:
- The Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia (Switzerland, 1973, German, 15 min.)
- Asylum in Switzerland (Switzerland, 1968, German, 5 min.)
- Guests from Czechoslovakia Become Refugees (Switzerland, 1969, German, 10 min.)
- Czechoslovak Refugees (Switzerland, 1968, German, 2 min.)
- Two Years Later: Czechoslovak Refugees in Switzerland (Switzerland, 1970, German, 13 min.) 

Foreigner Looking for an Apartment in Switzerland: Live Broadcast from the City Theatre (Switzerland 1968, German, 83 min.)


Jihlava City Library 

The Jihlava City Library can be found on the Hluboká 1 lane leading from the Masaryk Square. The video-station with films is situated in the reading room on the 2nd floor.




Vysočina region Library

The Vysočina Region Library is based on Havlíčkovo náměstí 87  in Havlíčkův Brod. The video-station is situated in m-centre on the ground floor.



Třebíč City Library

The library can be found on Hasskova Street 102/2. The video-station is situated in the green meeting room at the department for grown-ups on the first floor of the building. The entrance to the green meeting room is from the non-fiction section.



Center for Documentary film

The project’s partner is Jihlava's CDF located in the attic of the Dukla Cinema on Masarykova Street 20. Here you can broaden your horizons not only thanks to hundreds of documentary films, but also through books in our library or by visiting any of our educational event












The films for the project are selected and brought to you by Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival and Center for Documentary Film. The AVA project has engaged film festivals and libraries in Germany, Finland, Belgium, Ireland and Italy. Supported by a grant from the Creative Europe: MEDIA programme.

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