P. Adams Sitney

Rok narození: 1944
Profese: filmový historik, pedagog
Země: USA

P. Adams Sitney (born August 9, 1944 in New Haven, Connecticut), is a historian of American avant-garde cinema.Sitney attended Yale University. He co-founded the Anthology Film Archives in 1970 and, along with Jonas Mekas, Peter Kubelka, Ken Kelman, and James Broughton, served as one of the members of the Anthology Film Archives Essential Cinema film selection committee. He is currently Professor of Visual Arts at the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University.

Sitney was a fixture at New York University's doctoral program in the new Cinema Studies Department in 1970. Before moving to Princeton he also taught at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. He has been a major critical leader and intellectual supporter of the New American Cinema avant-garde movement. Sitney is the Spring 2011 recipient of the Anna-Maria Kellen Berlin Prize from the American Academy in Berlin.

Seznam publikací

NázevRok vydáníJazykVydavatelství
Visionary Film1974anglickyOxford University Press

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